An Opinion On My Opinions

Most politics/economics/religion/philosophy affects others far more than me; I’m a middle class professional who gets paid above the minimum wage, employed in a profession that is in demand and growing. I live in an affluent, multicultural city where immigration has had a clear positive impact. I’m lucky enough to be well traveled and come from a privileged background, where I’ve always been able to find work and have never personally experienced poverty. In short, I am well insulated from the effects of anything, so my views really are pointless.

I typically don’t vote because I believe it doesn’t matter who wins (with the exception of the Brexit referendum, I voted on that and my side lost). I don’t watch mainstream TV, listen to the radio or read newspapers. If it was up to me I wouldn’t have a letterbox. I especially stay away from any form of celebrity news and the little I know about sport comes from knowing the location of cities and country (a.k.a. geography). I’ve gotten so good at been able to mentally filter things out I honestly can’t hear the telephone ring in the office or consciously see online advertising.

I never know all the facts but usually know just enough to reinforce my (sometimes ridiculous) opinions. I am terrible with remembering names and faces, and although I can cram information into my brain’s short term memory, struggle to store information for the long term (although I’m pretty sure it’s in my subconscious, somewhere).

I like to think that I’m a physicist at heart, which might explain a few things. My words are my thoughts and my thoughts are my own.

I’ve been told I lack empathy and solve issues from a logical 30,000 ft viewpoint, which almost always comes across as brutal. One thing in my defence: given rational counter-arguments that trump my own view, I will change my mind.