About Leonard Austin

Leonard has designed, developed and trained around web technologies for over a decade. He co-founded Welford Media Ltd in 2004, a digital agency based in the UK with clients such as British Red Cross, PayPal, Amazon and eBay. In 2012 he successfully exited Welford Media to pursue new opportunities in London.

He has commercial experience with:

  • multiple languages (PHP, Python, Go, JavaScript, HTML5)
  • frameworks (Django, Zend, Symfony, Node.js, jQuery, Backbone.js, Angular.js)
  • relational databases (MySQL, Postgres), NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra)
  • message queues (RabbitMQ, Beanstalkd)
  • configuration management tools (Chef, Puppet)
  • source control (Git, SVN)
  • cloud infrastructures (AWS, Rackspace).
  • Service Oriented Architectures
  • distributed systems
  • design patterns (e.g. MVC)

Preference for agile teams, iterative development, continuous integration, customer collaboration, automated testing and passionate, empowered staff.

Leonard received a 1st class honours degree in Physics with Space Science and Technology and was presented the Highest Achieving Student Award, is Prince2 Practitioner Qualified and Zend PHP 5.3 Certified. He is an experienced technical team lead, project manager and software engineer with extensive knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies.

This is my personal blog where I share my ideas.

I’m a glass half-full type of guy and consider myself pretty lucky, always trying to do as much as possible because life is too short.

Here is a quick synopsis of my life so far:

  • born in London,
  • lived in Malaysia for 2 years,
  • teenage years in Harrogate, ran 100m in 11.21s in sports day,
  • studied Physics at The University of Leicester where I bough, renovated and sold a house, got a 1st class degree, won departmental award for highest achieving student, learnt to rock climb, won three limbo competitions and won a national jui jitsu competition,
  • help found a start-up web development company in Leeds where I lived and work for 3 years,
  • took a 1 year break to travel around the world, saw and experienced a lot of amazing life changing things, meet some amazing people (and drank a lot),
  • came back to leeds and worked for another 3 years,
  • moved to London to created a new startup called Recensus.
  • got accepted on a tech incubator called Start-Up Chile so moved to Chile for 7 months
  • Recensus failed,
  • started contracting in London whilst searching for the next opportunity

I enjoy rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, travelling, squash, kite surfing, technology, business and most of all enjoying life.

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